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Better world naturals

We are here to help with natural solutions and an experienced team.

Functional Food

The market is embracing new foods and beverages that not only offer functional benefits but that also taste good. 

We understand the importance of bioavailability, taste, appearance, and ease of processing.  We’re here to help you with our broad product line of ingredients and technical expertise.

We also understand the consumer’s need for traceability.  We offer both authenticity and traceability guarantees with all of our ingredients.  Our promise ensures that you have not only the data but full traceability to support your consumer’s need to know what they’re consuming.  Our functional ingredients and technical team are available to fully support our customers. We invite you to visit our process at any time – an open invitation to see for yourself.  BWN offers unmatched transparency.

Profiter de la salade

without guilt with natural sweeteners

BWN designs sweetener solutions to help you to decrease the level of sugar in your formulation while providing a satisfying sensory experience consumers know and love.

Taste & enjoyment

assortiment d'aliments sains jaune

with high quality phytoactives

Inspired by our tradition, coupled with modern technology, BWN delivers high quality phytoactives for natural health.

Nutritious & healthy

Accueil Jardinage

Fully traceable and sustainable

We are executing a multi-year strategy that enables us to transition into a vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of natural and specialty ingredients.


Our products

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