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Golden milk

Keep your inflammation low & reap the benefits of turmeric and mushrooms with every cup.

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Vegan golden milk with turmeric & mushrooms

• Get the best from a Highly Bioavailable Curcumin with BWN's unique Turmeric+

• Reap the benefits of an efficacious blend of 4 mushrooms to enhance your immune system

• Protect your cells with the antioxidants found in Green Tea

Chronic inflammation is everywhere

A bad nights sleep, a stressful job and poor diet can all lead to the body increasing chronic inflammation. Inflammation has been linked to heart disease, autoimmune disease and metabolic disorders.

Does your daily life revolve around chronic pain or inflammation?
Diet plays a very important role in the prevention of disorders caused by inflammation. From relieving pain to the cold and flu, the benefits of turmeric milk have been known to Indians for ages. Curcumin, the main alkaloid in turmeric, supports digestion, healthy liver function, and reduce causes of discomfort associated with joints inflammation.

6 powerful tonics, 1 perfect golden milk


BWN’s Golden Milk contains effective doses of Turmeric+ ; a form of highly bioavailable Curcumin whose anti-inflammatory effects have been clinically proven along with multiple other health benefits.  It also provides a synergistic blend of four mushroom extracts: Reishi and Maitake to stimulate immune cell response plus Cordyceps Sinensis Mycellium Extract and Lion's Mane Extract to help naturally boost energy and optimize memory, mental clarity, and mood. This blend of mushrooms is rich in polysaccharides and beta-glucans to help improve white blood cell production in the body and fight chronic inflammation.

Here is what you can get from this delicious Golden Milk:
• Helps relieve chronic pain & arthritis
• Improves digestion
• Improves mood
• Helps support healthy immune function

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Serving size : 1 sachet (22g)

Turmeric + extract

10% curcuminoïds

Reishi extract

3% Beta Glucan (UV)

Maitake extract

10% curcuminoïds

Cordyceps Synensis Mycelium extract

2% Beta Glucan (UV)

Lion's Mane Extract

10% curcuminoïds

Green tea extract

10% curcuminoïds

Stevia Glycoside

10% curcuminoïds

600 MG

50 MG

200 MG

200 MG

200 MG

100 MG

56 MG

Flavored with synergy : Nat milk enhancer

Type (Vegan); Nat Cream Type Flavor (Vegan);

Sweetened with Organic Cane Sugar

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Dietary Tips

Ready in just ONE minute!

Add 22g to 220mL (8 ounces) hot water or milk
for a turmeric tea or golden milk.
Add to your smoothies, coffee, tea,
or your favorite beverage
Or more: mix into soups, sauces...


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