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Better world naturals

We provide prompt, honest and professional service on technical support, sample fulfillment and logistic.


Natural Colors

Better World Naturals offers all the vibrant natural colors you need for your beverage or food formulations. Clean, simple, familiar.

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Our products

Clean Label Solutions

The consumer demand for clean and transparent labels is easy to meet when utilizing our natural colors. Consumers are familar with our natural ingredients andtrust that the source of these colors come from real food.

From the time we’re little, our moms were telling us to eat our vegetables and take our vitamins.  How perfect that vegetables and nutrients can deliver color too!

Natural colors are on the forefront of ingredients that are both “real food” and “good for me.”

Our natural color solutions meet the most stringent label requirements worldwide.

Product Catalogue

Our colors are naturally sourced from familiar foods such as orange and black carrots, red beets, purple sweet potatoes, red radishes, yellow safflowers, red cabbage and spirulina.

Our natural yellow and orange colors capture additional consumer praise as they are well known for their functional health benefits. Beta carotene, lutein and curcumin are broadly recognized as nutritional powerhouses and intuitively add value to food and beverage labels.

The Better World Naturals Difference

Better World Naturals is ready to assist you in transferring your current colors to natural alternatives and can develop customized colors for new product development.

We are proud to introduce our natural colors supported by the quality, service and technology you expect.  We offer custom development, matching, stability testing, regulatory support and scale up support as you launch.


We are working toward traceability for our full line of colors and have secured it for our line of curcumin color track by recording raw materials from field to factory for each and every lot.


We employ some of the brightest and best in the food industry and also partner with our parent company, Huabao, to deliver unique products that deliver valuable advantages such as solubility, transparency and more.


As we expand our traceability program, we will ensure the authenticity of each product and lot we offer.

We are here to help you to innovate your color


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