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BETTER WORLD NATURALS visited and inspected Rhodiola rosea harvest in Xinjiang, China

On May 29th, 2020, CEO Laurent Zheng and Senior Manager Jianping Xiong, our Director of Supply Chain visited and inspected RHODIOLA ROSEA harvesting in Xinjiang, China. They took a day to travel to the remote growing region, far away from cities and industry, and were rewarded with clear blue skies and a good harvest. They chose this time to participate in our unique "Prevent For Trust" program, which helps guarantee visibility throughout growing, harvest and processing.

RHODIOLA ROSEA is a wild herb which is native to boreal areas of Eastern Europe, China, and North America; its range extends from China to Russia, US Northern states, northern Canada, and Alaska. Depending on the latitude, the plants grow at altitudes up from 800–3000 m. In China, RHODIOLA ROSEA grows in the northern to central provinces of Xinjiang, Gansu, Shanxi, Hebei, and Jilin. As a result of sunlight exposure, there are all towering trees on the shade side of the mountain. The RHODIOLA ROSEA grow on the sunny side of the mountain. RHODIOLA ROSEA seeds in September and October and blooms in May and June every year. Like dandelion, the seeds will spread by the wind. 3-year-old root of RHODIOLA ROSEA will be harvested, with the size of fist. RHODIOLA ROSEA has a long history of use as a medicinal plant, appearing in the body of collected knowledge (materia medica) of countries. In Europe it is considered a traditional herbal medicinal product used for temporary relief of stress symptoms, such as fatigue and sensation of weakness. In North America and Brazil, it is primarily used as an adaptogen, and to improve athletic performance by reducing recovery time after prolonged exercise. Mongolian doctors also prescribe it as a medicine for tuberculosis and cancer.

BETTER WORLD NATURALS focus on quality of RHODIOLA ROSEA. We know the lands, the farms and the farmers we work with. We manage and monitor every step in the supply chain, and we limit the use of intermediaries to ensure traceability, improve costs and quality.

We also have the faith that the industry shall be healthier, and trust shall be rebuilt as long as we are developing and implementing our supply chain management model to the whole industry.

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