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Ginseng: touring the Jilin Province ginseng farms with BWN

In August 2018, the BWN investigation team arrived at the ginseng planting base in Jilin Province, China.

BWN has always been committed to making traceable and fully transparent ginseng extracts for consumers. BWN screens a wide range of suppliers and looks for partners with a common philosophy. BWN and our suppliers have reformed the ginseng planting industry chain including ginseng breeding, ginseng planting, ginseng receiving and ginseng processing, and has improve the details of each aspect to achieve higher quality ginseng raw materials.

The appearance of ginseng in Jilin Changbai Mountain has been more than 1,700 years ago. Changbai Mountain ginseng production area has been preserved from the origin of ginseng to the present place. The soil in Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province is fertile, and the climate is suitable for the growth of ginseng. Changbai Mountain’s ginseng has a higher quality than other ginseng producing areas.

The BWN team conducted in-depth exchanges with supplier on ginseng cultivation techniques, ginseng breeding, and ginseng planting land re-use. The supplier said that after years of research and development, the above aspects have made breakthrough progress. For example, with the help of the Institute of Special Products of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, after more than ten years of research, the excellent varieties of ginseng have been successfully screened, and the problem of the disorder of ginseng production history has been solved. Through many years of exploration in ginseng cultivation methods, our supplier's ginseng cultivation technology holds the leading position in the world.

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