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Better world naturals

We are here to help with natural solutions and an experienced team.

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Better World Naturals decided to choose extract of rosemary as our first vertically integrated product line. As we developed our processing partner, we also developed our supply chain for the rosemary.

In the southern area of central China, there is a group of seven villages called Renheping Town. These villages are quite traditional and have a 7-menber Wisdom Committee that oversees this area. The elders on this committee guide the region and work together to solve any difficulties in this remote, impoverish region.

Rosemary is a crop that grows very well in this area and, as a result, the villages were open to expanding production. Along with agronomists, Better World Naturals and the support of the Wisdom Committee, the villages decided to shift crop production from green tea, corn and potatoes to rosemary, a higher value crop. The shift has resulted in a significant increase in living wages for 120 families in the villages.

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